Samurai inks

A day's work & a now defunct "Kurosawaesque" project.
Inking still remains the most pleasurable part.
Feudal Japan, always a delight. 

Almost-Art Talk

This post was deleted by the author as he finds a soapbar way more interesting than talking about his art(?).
So here's a nice soapbar:


Rory The Singing Plywood

Whilst all the woodsheets was sleepy
He waits, He waits and then,
Softly, softly, softly,
Creeps a velvety jingle
Through the warehouse basement
Deep within the mute night
Alone he cuts and binds the grain,
And sings a melancholy strain;
O listen! for the shady Vale profound
Is overflowing with this beautiful sound
It is, Rory the singing plywood.

For the only joy Rory knew
Was singing and dancing,
For all this wooden Björk knew
Was expressing himself
In the keys of E, C, G and A#m.
Deep between the layers of
His glued thin veneers of softwood
Lied a secret passion for
Divine melodies and harmonies,
Graceful movements of rhythmical merry,
And yes, Elton John and Kate Perry.

Whilst all the other woodsheets
Dreamt of a bright future
In highly polished elegant furniture,
a chair, a couch, a Victorian dinner table
With engravings and moldings so keen,
Rory dreamt of performing for the Royal Variety Show
For the Queen at her 90th,
For the cinema,
For the stage.

Then one fateful day,
The gods of the warehouse vale
With all their wealth and praise,
Bought into the woodsheet's vale
An army of metally chainsaws
As their new roomies.

On that same summery night
Rory waits, waits, waits as always
And when the solitary of the night,
Seems thick and just perfect
He fills up the void with
All the glorious voices of the universe,
Otherwise known as "The White Album"

And then
In a moment so everlasting,
Rang through the woodsheet's vale
A voice so thrilling
He'd never heard
A voice of the angels
A voice of the saints
Joining Rory's lonely glory,
It was, Ashley the singing chainsaw
Who also nourished like him
A hidden passion for melody

Night after night
Rory and Ashley welcomed
The nights with their duet of
Sombre notes in angelic unison,
To the weary warehouse lots
Bonding deeper within
The seas of music
As a single piece of flesh
Metal, wood and various plastic components
Were now, one.

Then on one fine musical evening
Amongst a gathering of few
Amongst family and friends,
Ashley the singing chainsaw
Hit a note so sharp,
Rory the plywood was cut into half!

The End.

Rory's family tree.
His parents, uncle, aunt, bothers, sisters and cousins.