Everybody's making a lot of noise these days, so here's some more:

"Sinful Sunday Smiles"
This is my first err... "album"
and I'm proud of it, particularly of the part that goes "ta nana nan-na...."
err... You listen, its up for free downloads/listens here.

1. Primal Speech Therapy
2. Sinful Sunday Smiles 1
3. In The Wet Garden Of KatzenJammer

5. Beyond This Line
6. Idiot Box
7. Jenna's Injection (Don't Go Home)
8. Spaceyhead
9. Sinful Sunday Smiles 2
10. Cosmic Joke No.9 (The Faulty Moonlight Tragedy)

"Synthetic Lying Machine" is a project with just me by myself attempting to create some "noise".
But since I'm currently jobless, I'm open for collaborations be it in music or in art, writing, or even a much needed bank heist.