I've found the meaning of life!

I've found the meaning of life!

Sinful Sunday Smiles 2

Joyfully Juicy Mr. Humbert Doodleby

Joyfully Juicy Mr. Humbert Doodleby,
Hopping and skipping all the way to the mart,
Bought a barrelful of soil in his missus' cart,
Plant, plant, plant with his paws,
Plant fetuses in the garden,
In the fields, in the woods and in the lawn.
Hurry, hurry, hurry,
Stalking the nearing dawn!

Into the house it follows,
Hidden beneath all those dingy winter clothes.
Fishy fishy aroma! Fishy fishy aroma!
Cries the missus sour!
Ma sweet wee Jesus!
Ain't thwaa bad? She blooming knows!
Sweaty, sweaty, sweaty, shivery and cold,
Bang, bang, bang! The hot metal darts blow,
Crashing on the rug see how the missus folds!

Joyfully Juicy Mr. Humbert Doodleby,
Hopping and skipping all the way to the mart once more!



Before moving any further, make sure that everything is OK. Not fine or sensational, but OK. If you're not OK then, it's strongly advised that you return back later only after you're OK.


A perfectly OK day for a picnic isn't it children?

Take a look around you. Isn't everything OK? No? Well pull out that baseball bat out of your ass right now then! OK? So NOW everything is OK? OK. Who says the world's at it's end? Global Warming? Economic crashdown? Severe Inflation? Terrorism? Your girlfriend/boyfriend left you for a chimp? Your CHIMP left you for a dozen of bananas? You probably just realised that impersonating and practising singing Barry Manilow's entire back catalogue 18 hours a day for the past 4 years still won't get the ladies/lads to fancy you? Untimely death of your grandmother by falling tubas from the skies? You're feeling exceedingly dejected and depressed? There seems to be no end to this list of eternal let downs of living in the modern world? WRONG.


So coolness is a virtue for you? You think your oh-so-cool indifference is what sets you apart from.. well the other 6 billion "cool" people that exist on this planet? Indifference is THE disposition to live by, isn't it? Why would you care for anything that would ever cause you to question the glorious nobleness of the noble, glorious establishment? WHY? Why would you question the glorious nobleness of the noble, glorious establishment when everything is just so fucking OK ? The media is lying. Ice caps melting? Meh. We've got refrigerators! HA! Just refilling the ice trays will do the trick! Fools!

Everything is OK here in India.Your life right now is OK. The government appreciates your input, none of which you will ever give because the government is already OK. How OK is OK? Pretty OK! Just look at your life... your house is in a racially integrated but well-off neighborhood because racial relations are so OK here in India.

You know where else everything is OK? Here's a hint: It's not Syria, Rwanda, or China! Well, it is OK in those places... in fact, those places are actually extra-OK! Extra-extra-OK!

At any point, one place where everything was OK is Auschwitz or any other Nazi camp.
  Joyful Jews at Auschwitz where everything was OK.

Another place where everything is OK is the Middle East, especially in Iraq and Iran. Why is it so goddamn OK there you ask? Well everyone agrees on with everything, thus getting along well, there are no lunatics there with the title of dictator and the capabilities to produce a nuclear bomb, of course!

    Iraq where everything is OK.


African Girl: Will be raped or starve to death from hunger or famine (or everything all at the same time).

American Girl: Will not be raped or starve to death from hunger or famine but will grow up to be an ignorant avid Britney Spears/Miley Cyrus fan. Ouch!
Tajikistani Girl: Nothing.
Nobody cares about Tajikistan.


"Hairy Monster": A Bosnian Muslim Child Remembers His Mother’s Rape (1993). But everything is OK now.

Everything is OK. It has been OK for quite a while now. Well at least its been ALRIGHT!
As John Lennon pointed out in "Revolution 1" in the White Album in 1968 much to the apt ridicule of the other Beatles:

John Lennon:             "Don't you know it's gonna be alright?
                                  Alright Alright!
Paul McCartney
& George Harrison:   "Woooooop Shoopbee Doo Wop!"

Ringo Starr:               "I'VE GOT BLISTERS ON ME FINGERS!"

Well you still think it's not OK? Well fear not because...
Everything will be OK, if he just holds on... 

Lars Ulrich hangs himself during one of the concerts apparently after listening to his own band's music while all the ex-members of Metallica present in the audience look on in shock.(Pictured: Bambi, Mario, Winnie the Pooh, Cliff Burton, Abu, Jason Newsted)... but everything is OK now.
The band's spokesperson: the "101st Dalmation" reported the late Ulrich will be replaced by the more talented Taj Mahal.

Metallica during one of their most recent concerts with new drummer and permanent member the Taj Mahal. Critiques and fans alike have noted the Taj's desire to include Emo and Polka into their music much to James Hetfield's dismay. But now everything is OK.

   In Dead or Alive 2- Everything is KO.

Everything was OK here 0.563 second ago.

zomg!zomg!zomg! That mentally challenged kid just appeared out of the toilet and transformed into Super Saiyan 2! NOW everything is going to be OK!

Maybe he IS right...

So always remember that everything is OK. Everything is OK. Everything has always been OK, even OK has always been OK. Everything is OK now, and everything always will be OK. Don't question anyone's authority. Don't EVER question anyone's authority. Our leaders are doing a great job. Don't question their authority. Express your individuality by getting a tattoo, listen to hip music,etc; just like everybody else. So just return back to your television sets and just curl up into the fetal position and calmly rock yourself back and forth, back and forth, and say it to yourself over and over and over again:


Spaceyhead/Cosmic Joke No.9 (The Faulty Moonlight Tragedy) EP

"Spaceyhead/Cosmic Joke No.9 (The Faulty Moonlight Tragedy)
B-Sides of  "Sinful Sunday Smiles"  ; is up for free downloads/listens here.

1. Ann, Alpha Bait
2. La Fabuleux Pluie (Piano piece [Op. 3] No. 1)
3. China Dope
4. Foul Altarboy
5.  Approved Seduction


You Like It, It Likes You

The Synthetic Lying Machine in a carbonated lemon-flavoured beverage commercial advertisement.


18 more for Suu kyi and this great unkind world's just turned a little more unkinder.


Everybody's making a lot of noise these days, so here's some more:

"Sinful Sunday Smiles"
This is my first err... "album"
and I'm proud of it, particularly of the part that goes "ta nana nan-na...."
err... You listen, its up for free downloads/listens here.

1. Primal Speech Therapy
2. Sinful Sunday Smiles 1
3. In The Wet Garden Of KatzenJammer

5. Beyond This Line
6. Idiot Box
7. Jenna's Injection (Don't Go Home)
8. Spaceyhead
9. Sinful Sunday Smiles 2
10. Cosmic Joke No.9 (The Faulty Moonlight Tragedy)

"Synthetic Lying Machine" is a project with just me by myself attempting to create some "noise".
But since I'm currently jobless, I'm open for collaborations be it in music or in art, writing, or even a much needed bank heist.


Enjoy this 'bread orgy' while I'm away and get back to not-updating this blog and do what I do best- nothing.