I'm out of here!

...but there will be blood when I'm back...


Here is one of Ayumi's simple sketches nothing too fancy from the new manga, will upload some of the other characters later.


The other night I was at the local rock hangout "headbanging" and when I say headbanging it's more like head butting my 7 months pregnant neighbour in the crotch because she and her husband Snoop Dog, who is a lesbian and was a famous American Civil War Hero General who single-handedly won the battle of Thermopylae in Sparta against the blood thirsty Persians and the Mickey mouse club and also is the uncle of Will.I. am from the shit hole B.E.P, couldn't stop showering each other with stupid terms of endearments. Please. Somebody pass me a barf bag.

Anyway that's besides my point, I wrote myself a song and let me tell you it's a god-cumming awesome song and if you think that it pants, then go to hell! Nobody cares what YOU think!

(Distorted guitar riff blows in)
I HATE YOU x 73 times

Verse 1
"You're never fully dressed without a smile! Many people have died saying that,
cuz' their rectums were tore with the help of a very big baseball bat!
I'm tired of you all!
you fucking judgmental freaks,
Severed Body parts flying when you all shriek,

(continue the "AAAAAAAHHHH" from above)

(Pregnant neighbour wailing voice in sheer agony in background. Note:Huge loss of blood from the crotch area)

I hate you all, I hate you all,
I hate myself for not hating you all enough
I'm hungry, I wonder what's on T.V right now

Verse 2

Is that whore still alive?

Oh not anymore

(A face melting solo by this guy):

People think I need help but do like this song.


Airbags suck. They are worthless and don't matter at all, they are just like men in porn movies. Airbags don't really do anything, apparently they only work in the Discovery and National Geographic documentaries named "Airbags Save...yes they do!" and shows based on the reproductive organs of Bees and Ants. Sarcasm? Hell YES! Contrary to popular belief, airbags don't save people, Superman does. No airbag is going to save you from your death and stopping you from ending up in hell for your constant bitching and pissing me off, and driving like a dipshit. Infact most of the people on the road these days piss me off. Jerks.

What's even more insane is the concept and now the addition of airbags in newer generation motorbikes. That is just plain ol' bullshitting. They are totally unpractical and unreliable and go off at any time like when you....uh..brake, shift into 2nd gear, honk the horn, blink, breathe and sing Amy Winehouse songs like Mick Jagger while driving which could/will seriously get your ass screwed.

Other than it's incompetence to save people.I reckon that one can make many other ALTERNATIVE USES OF AIRBAGS:

1. You can use them to scare the shit out of your moron neighbour or that goat dick Sean Kingston and ridicule him.

2. I hate Sean Kingston and other dumbasses like him. I hope they all burn to death.


4. Gift your ex-girlfriend or your steady gal as a cheap alternative for breast implants. Throw in some pictures of animal genitalia along with it, she'd fall head over feet knowing that you care so much.

5. I'm too tired to be working on my blog.

6. Trick people into thinking that its Eddie Murphy at social gatherings.

7. Go away.


Here is a closer and revealing look at what actually takes place during an event of a crash and how an airbag "saves" the victim.

Danny(left) and Fedric(right) during their last moments.

Danny: "Oh no! I've lost contact with the mother ship we are heading straight for that cliff which leads to that sea of boiling hot mushroom soup 243 ft and 7 inch below filled with those blood hungry crocodiles who are having a Ryan Seacrest Look-a-like contest!"

Fedric: "God Damn! Frankly Scarlett...I mean Danny I don't give a damn! Quick! Hurry, the airbags! Heads on them, cover your entire face and try to suffocate yourself and die bitch! By the way, Sean is the master of the universe!"

Danny: "I never told you this, but Fedric I've always been in love with you. Please tell me that you love me."

Fedric: .................... ...... ..... .... ... .. .


Since I don't have anything better to do these summer days(all year actually) and couldn't come up with anything but malicious and acidic stuff, so returned to one of my old but effective methods for wasting time: THE SIMS 2! You all must be well acquainted with the basic premise of the game: Hook up---Score---Continue as many times you like. (Yes it's a "life" simulator)

What you start with is try to create a virtual replica of yourself. Obviously I didn't create a "virtual me" because it's impossible to replicate my awesomeness and handsome, charming self.*ahem* Legend has it that if you ever try doing it, your computer or your neighbour's cat would just explode. But yeah I did create a "fake" me and got me a cute hot girlfriend too. SCORE!

Oh you smell good almighty Sean.

She has some rather uh...cute habits.

Gimme some suga' baby!

Yes we are unemployed.

We have great interesting conversations all the time.

Honey there's something wrong with the television.

People think that I need to get a life or a Well I do concur with the girlfriend part.


This post was deleted by the author as he feels that a soapbar is way more interesting than Mr. Bachchan. So here's a nice soapbar:

Interesting indeed.


For all the hot blooded "men" and even some girls in my uni(sucks) who were busy petting themselves inappropriately in public and wondering what these babes' tits looked like during this year's annual dick show(our exhibition I mean) Take a good look JACKASSES!!

I'm in an art college and nudity gets officially banned! Ironic isn't it? Dickheads!

"Educational you say?" MY ARSE!

TELETUBBIES suck! Those puny bastards hopping, running and dancing around like mindless freaks make me want to skin some Hip Hop "artists" inside out! YUCK! The show is supposed to be an "educational" show for kids but what it actually ends up being is an epitome of stupidity,inanity and grotesque characters that apparently scar the children emotionally for life. The one called "Tinky-Winky" is a total Queer! That jackass with all the hopping and dancing around carries a handbag.....and is violet and enjoys Micheal Bolton and Rap music during breaks. JACKASS INDEED! All these dipshits do is waddle around and have fun all day. IDIOTS!They all are loud, talk nonsense, annoying like the new MARIGOLD Commercial! I HATE that bullshit commercial! Who in their right senses would come up with such a pile of Lemur shit?!