The "Happiest" place on earth....

Tsk tsk tsk Lois trying to ruin all the boy's fun....

Queer Robin: Ooooh the water looks fine and look Archie Andrews from Archie comics and Jimmy is in there too!(not surprisingly)
Queer Batman: (to Supes) *wink wink*

Perhaps all these years of cocktease from Betty and Veronica has finally taken a toll on poor ol' Carrot top!

First look : Untitled Manga

Now that I've got some time off(very fucking brief) from uni, I can trap my neighbor's kids and that motherfucking whispering smear of slime Sean Kingston and eat them and yes finally work on my long delayed manga project! After a mind-numbing and tiresome 4 months I'm finally free to go ahead with it. As of now I'm still working on the character designs which are in their initial stages and are subject to go through a battery of alterations and revision if necessary. Here's one of the main characters that I've been working on: Ayumi

Well this is what I came up with today, though she does apparently need a lot of work but I am quite happy with how she came out: "cute"(hopefully). Still gotta go a long way!


Bobby Joe can do some serious ass kicking and still love his Kenny G & Micheal Bolton music collection at the same time and still never feel any less of a man!

Won't you come out to play?

Little Patricia wants you,
To come play with her along with me.
She's me very pal,
I take her for walks and I hope I always shall.
Some people don't like her,
Those yellow little brats!
She eats them for breakfast with,
Special rat genitalia sauce which she got from Jack.
She sings like David Bowie so I call her Ronnie.
So that's me pal Little Pattie whom I call Ronnie,
A demented cannibalistic psychopath,
But I love her more than daddie,
And I'm only 20.

More Peculiar Junk

NO. I don't want to talk about it.

Moonlight squirts....

"Shizuka Trump" thinks that her brains would rather look good up on the wall, I think all she needs is someone who could help her, get her out of her despair.... too bad, I don't feel like typing, she's a bitch anyways, ooh love what she's done with the wall by the way...