The girl with the faraway eyes...

The holidays, the festive season etc, etc is here; but haven't got the chance to do something new recently, so thought I'd continue working on some old abandoned project of mine. Here is my attempt at doing the "girl with the faraway eyes" Audrey Tautou in photoshop. Just trying to channel this unhealthy obsession I have with her into something productive. Half way through it, it hit me again, I should have just left it alone! lol maybe it may take me years to actually complete this one besides ain't that keen either, so don't really care about it!

For my half-assed attempt from before, I'd to like make-up(to myself of course), so here are some(very minute) of my favourite Audrey Tautou pictures (anyone who doesn't know who she is...go away you all turtle slime, you all are a "load" your mothers should have "swallowed" that night!) Anyway enjoy these pics:



3)Who wouldn't love her here(Amelie)

That's enough. Will sleep now. For 12 days.

The DOOG Chronicles: Spider Stew and Liquid Plutonium!

Taking a break from all the ass-kickin' I've been doing, I decided to take a routine bath in molten lava like always......

As I was to relax and mull over the subject of Sophie Howard's nipples in my beloved molten lava that I ordered Lucifer himself to get it from the bosoms of hell my fright I found a spider the size of a house in my tub, but as common sense kicked in...I realized that it's lava no one can survive in it except for me and L.K. Advani!

Somehow managing to take out the smoked 8 legged freak from my tub along with some hot bath water and adding sugar and spice with everything nice;

With the holidays around the corner and like the good hearted person I am *ahem*, I dropped by the local orphanage to gift the little brats! err...I mean little bundles of joy a taste of my scrumptious cooking in my precious Tupperware. Oh how they all enjoyed and cherished every second and spoonful of my blissful stew!

Later that night in the outer core of the Earth, where I mostly live in the winter smoking some liquid plutonium and along with some of my satisfied clients of my ass-kicking service,(only one of them, the nun is from the orphanage) and was about to watch Back To The Future Trilogy on laser disk and eat dynamite for dinner like usual in my Tupperware, I couldn't find it! Those brats from the orphanage! Little bastards! I won't let them get away with not returning my beloved Tupperware! NYAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! They paid! They paid alright! After I shredded those puny little devils jumping and skipping for their lives, I digested them all telekinetically, and I wasn't even hungry!

Joan Sweet Joan!

If I'd want to change one thing about the middle ages, it would be Joan of Arc. Of course my version of her(above) would be bloodhound,blonde, a bust of 34(hehehe) and of course in a planet far away in a different galaxy all together! Now that's how I want my saints!