Oh man I rule! Look how awesome I look as a zombie! Zombies. Ahhh, zombies. What is it about these creatures that attracts me to them?
I would have to answer that question like this: “I'm just a sick freak who uses the cinematic visions of the undead feasting on the living as a release from the everyday monotony of life.”

Here is my homage to the ultimate "cabin in the woods" zombie movie ever; THE EVIL DEAD TRILOGY. Everything about this movies rocks! The first part is the quintessential film school movie and yeah the it's scary as hell! 2 is good but Sam Raimi kind of fused in humor and stuff in it, don't get me wrong Evil Dead 2 is fun;Bruce Campbell totally owned it;but I go to a horror movie for the "horror" and Evil Dead 1 is just perfect! Also worth mentioning is Army of Darkness(the 3rd installment) CAMPBELL RULES!!!