I guess my uncreativeness makes me "creative"!

For the past few days I've been stressed with this fucking creative mental block and therefore couldn't come up with anything(sounds like a great excuse to goof clients off). To get out of this rather thwarting experience, I soughted out to acquire some "inspiration"!

So people without any further ado, I give you all my secret...
This is it! This marvellous equipment is what gets me through all those heavy-duty brainstorming sessions. It truly and efficiently gets your creative juices out and flowing... LITERALLY!!! Squeezes it out and some of the brain matter too. (effects vary-severe brain damage to even more severe brain damage- total pulverization) Try it and you'll see what I mean. Hurry today!!! Call: 983333333333113333365744745322342324!

**Drawing board and one artist's headless (but satisfied) corpse not included**


 This post has found better things in life and moved on to better things.....

For the inconvenience caused, 
here's a nice soapbar:

 Interesting indeed.

It's been a tough week...

Don't even ask! ...all I remember is a bottle of whiskey and someone playing Britney Spears!!! GAAAAH!!